About The Partnership

The BOCES Partnership is a collaborative network composed of 18 BOCES from across New York State and the Syracuse City School District, one of the Conference of Big 5 School Districts in the state.

The district superintendents from Capital Region BOCES and Monroe 1 BOCES spearheaded the Partnership to harness the collective knowledge, skills, and experiences of educators at all levels of the state’s public education system.

Its priority is to create and provide access to rigorous and standards-aligned curriculum and professional development for teachers and school leaders to implement the Next Generation English Language Arts and Mathematics Standards.

The Partnership’s model maximizes the efficient distribution of high-quality tools, resources, expertise, and effective practice in support of the rollout of the Next Generation Standards. This collaborative work is essential in ensuring equitable access to high-quality teaching and learning to all students regardless of their zip code.

Partnership Members

The Partnership includes: