Phase 1, Goal 1

Phase I: Raise Awareness

Goal 1: Clearly communicate the adoption and the implementation timeline of the Next Generation ELA and Mathematics Learning Standards.

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Overview of the Next Generation Learning Standards Timeline

Phase-1-Goal-1-Timeline (PPT)

This January 2019 Powerpoint presentation from Capital Region BOCES provides an overview of the full Next Generation Learning Standards timeline

Introduction to the Next Generation Learning Standards

Phase-1-Goal-1-Utilizing-Resources-Introducing-the-Next-Generation-Standards (PPT)

This Powerpoint presentation from Watervliet CSD introduces the new standards with a focus on English Language Arts (ELA).

Awareness and Unpacking

This video was recorded during a regional professional development day organized by the Capital Region and hosted by the Duanesburg Central School District. It describes the Statewide Partnership, the Standards-Based Curriculum Development Model, and a framework for unpacking standards. The presenter, Mike Doughty, is the Executive Director for Statewide Projects at the Capital Region BOCES. 

Department Talk: Starting the Standards Conversation

Presentation: Phase-1-Goal-1-Department-Talk-Starting-the-Conversation-PPT

Handout: Phase-1-Goal-1-Department-Talk-Handout (PPT)

This 30-minute PD session was developed by Watervliet CSD for middle school and/or high school department meetings to facilitate conversations at the department level about developing standards-based curriculum. A handout accompanies the presentation.

Key Implementation Activities Sort

Presentation slides: Phase-1-Goal-1-Learning-Standards-Implementation-Roadmap

Printables: Phase 1 Standards Implementation | Phase 2 Standards Implementation | Standards Implementation Sort Envelope 

This card sorting activity is based on the elements contained in the Implementation Road Map.  The video above features Andy Mitchell, Coordinator of Regional Math Initiatives at Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES and Sharon Swain, Curriculum and Instruction Consultant at Capital Region BOCES talking through how to prepare and use the activity.

For more information, or if you have questions about this work, please contact Andy Mitchell, Coordinator of Regional Math Initiatives at Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES, at