Phase I, Goal 2

Phase I: Raise Awareness

Goal 2: Understand and clearly communicate the changes between the 2011 P-12 Learning Standards and the NYS Next Generation Learning Standards.

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Introduction to the Next Generation Mathematics Learning Standards

Phase-1-Goal-2-Introduction-Math (PPT)

Phase-1-Goal-2-Introduction-ELA (PPT)

These Powerpoint presentations from Capital Region BOCES introduces the New York State Next Generation Mathematics and ELA Learning Standards.

Utilizing Standards Resources

Phase-1-Goal-2-Utilizing-Resources-Standards-Vocabulary (Word)

Phase-1-Goal-2-Utilizing-Resources-ELA (PPT)

Phase-1-Goal-2-Utilizing-Resources-Math (PPT)

These materials from Capital Region BOCES examine the standard resources for the ELA and mathematics standards, and the standards vocabulary.

Getting to Know the Standards: Using Bloom’s Taxonomy to Understand the Vocabulary Within the Standards

Phase-1-Goal-2-All-Students-Blooms-Taxonomy (PPT)

This Powerpoint presentation outlines a professional development activity to build understanding of the vocabulary within the standards.

Leading Teachers Through Deconstructing the Standards

Phase-1-Goal-2-Facilitator-Agenda-full (Word)

Phase-1-Goal-2-Facilitator-Agenda-2-hour-delay (Word)

Phase-1-Goal-2-Unpacking-Next-Generation-Learning-Standards (PPT)

Phase-1-Goal-2-Unpacking-Standards-Template (Word)

This webinar and the accompanying materials will show you the process that we used to plan and deliver a full day of professional development to several hundred teachers from five school districts on deconstructing standards.

Examining the Grade Level Changes Using the Crosswalks and Snapshots

Phase-1-Goal-2-Crosswalks-ELA (PPT)

This Powerpoint presentation from Capital Region BOCES examines English Language Arts curriculum changes using crosswalks and snapshots

How to Support Changing Expectations within the Standards

Phase-1-Goal-2-Lifelong-Practices-Math (PPT)

Phase-1-Goal-2-Lifelong-Practices-ELA (PPT)

These Powerpoint presentations from Capital Region BOCES focuses on reviewing the new Lifelong Practices of Readers and Writers for mathematics and ELA.

Developing Teaching Points

Phase-1-Goal-2-All-Students-Teaching-Points (PPT)

This Powerpoint presentation from Capital Region BOCES outlines a professional development activity to develop teaching points for all students

Resources Choice Board

Resources Choice Board activity

This webinar shows a process and materials developed at Erie 2 BOCES for engaging teachers and administrators in examining resources to support the implementation of the Next Generation Standards from a variety of entry points (i.e., Beginning, Intermediate, Mastery).