Presenting PD: The ‘menu’ format

Looking for a different way to let people know about the professional development opportunities available to them? Why not serve the options up in a menu format?

That’s what HFM BOCES did at a recent meeting with principals in their region. This simple Next Gen PD menu helped each principal see how the available PD options connected with where they were on the rollout timeline.

“We want districts to feel that we have something for everyone,” explained Julie Carroll, Instructional/PD Specialist at HFM BOCES. “This way principals can choose from our menu what they feel is most beneficial to their staff. This provides them with an ‘a la carte’ service specifically designed to meet the needs of all districts, no matter where they are in the rollout process” — whether that meant conducting a 1-hour training during a faculty meeting, or hosting a more intensive full- or half-day workshop on-site at BOCES.

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