Special Education Resources

Prioritizing Standards for Standards-Based IEP Development

This provides a basic understanding of how to prioritize ELA standards for writing IEPs.  The presentation goes through a process of examining the most important skills to measure and write about in the present levels of performance, in order to determine skill gaps and prioritize goals.  Accompanying resources support the presentation:

Getting Back to Basics: Reading Comprehension

This PD was created to go “back to basics,” and create an agreed-upon continuum of evidence-based strategies, including teaching students how to chunk and annotate, based on the type of the text and the purpose.

Powerpoint: Creating a Continuum of Reading Comprehension Strategies

Critical Reading Skills

This PD was created to tease out and agree upon the priority informational and literature skills at each grade level, and how to teach those skills across content areas.

Powerpoint: Prioritizing and Teaching Critical Reading Skills

Other SPED resources

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